If you want to be an entrepreneur of Digital Marketing, we recommend that you keep in mind the following 5 steps:

1. Know your customer:

One of the main mistakes in Digital Marketing is to leave aside the fundamental role of the client’s knowledge, since they are what will guarantee the success of your company. It is necessary to create an ideal type profile of your client, which responds to the needs, motivations, behaviors and information.

2. Know the competition:

The tools that are at your disposal to know your competence are the following:

Keywords most used by the competition.

Investment in advertising carried out by the competition.

Activities carried out by companies.

What digital marketing actions have worked best for them.

How it captures more users.

Some of the tools for this research are Google Trends, Alexa, Majestic SEO, Mention or Compete.

3. Define an adequate Digital Marketing strategy:

There are many ways to focus a digital marketing strategy, such as social networks, personalization of campaigns, use of smartphones and work in real time. All of that will depend on the client´s needs.

4. Choose the best tools:

The ideal Digital Marketing Manager is the one who knows how to identify the most appropriate tools. Currently, the tendency is to work a lot of elements together. Email Marketing, SMS, among others.

5. Measure the results:

From these measurements it is possible to obtain enough information to know how the public navigates through our website, interact through social media, how they get to know us and something very important for E-commerce is how many views you get per customer before they buy a product.

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